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About Eric Picard

Eric Picard has spent more than twenty years building world class products, high performing teams and successful companies. His experience ranges from very large public companies to late stage startups and turnarounds, as well as zero stage startups. He has extensive M&A experience, as well as a track record of leading through transitions. He has worked as an individual contributor strategist, and has led small and large teams at companies ranging from among the largest in the world to 8 person startups.

As a product leader, Eric has launched dozens of products into the market from scratch, and led teams responsible for thousands of incremental releases. He has led large teams and small teams, and deeply understands the imperatives of driving transparent roadmaps, collaboration across business and engineering teams, and clear communications about what customer facing value is coming, and when. He has led technical product organizations, as well as teams focused on strategy and go-to-market.

Eric has extensive experience managing products and suites of products with hundreds of dedicated resources including Software Development, Sciences, Data Analytics, Project Managers, Product Managers, and Analysts, as well as multi-product portfolio management. He has lived the evolution of online software from waterfall product development to agile to continuous integration. He experienced the changes from QA to QE to Test Driven Development to Automated Testing and Continuous Deployment with automated roll-back based on experiment results from A/B Testing.

He has very strong skills at evaluating products and technology from a feature, functionality and Product/Market fit perspective, and a strong understanding of architecture, user experience design, and product development process.

Eric has advised companies for more than twenty years on how to address organizational dysfunction, create clear and transparent communications, and how to address the turmoil that comes with change. He has advised more than thirty companies at various life stages, and has a deep understanding of the complexities facing entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. He has experience with founding companies, turning teams and companies around, and leading through organizational change.

Eric has been part of fourteen acquisitions, either on the buy-side or sell-side. On the buy-side he has led or been part of the team creating the strategy, the build-buy-partner analysis, the acquisition target identification, the initial outreach, due diligence, deal negotiation and close, and also the post-acquisition business and technology integration. On the sell-side he has been a Startup CEO that has been acquired, he has been on the leadership team of large corporations being acquired, and lived through the post-acquisition integrations of business, technology and as importantly, Culture and Teams.

Eric has coached and mentored more than 100 people during his career, and nearly all of those he’s worked with have seen rapid career acceleration, and began achieving their career goals. He has worked directly with Product and Engineering leaders as well as earlier career stage individuals who were high performing and evolving their career quickly.

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